3D Brian NFTs by Braindom ™ Games

3D Brian NFTs by Braindom ™ Games

150+ million downloaded Braindom Games has launched its own 9,999 unique 3D Brian NFT collection. Brian NFT collection is inspired by one of the most popular puzzle and brain teaser games ever – Braindom by Matchingham Games. Matchingham Games has launched 9 successful mobile games and following those successes launched its own NFT collection. Braindom Games has featured as

#1 top free app

#1 in Word Games category on the App Store and Google Play

#1 in Trivia Games category on the App Store and Google Play

#1 in Puzzle Games category on the App Store.

Game development continues and the new game – Braindom Survivor will be introduced to the public soon. Alpha holders will get a chance to download and play those games in the testing stage and also when the game is ready. Alpha holders will also get the chance to participate in the Braindom Starter and get familiar with new NFT projects which will be on the Starter platform.

Alpha Holders’ Club will get a chance to benefit from various giveaways and NFT drops in the future.

Collab Box will serve members to win WL spots for the upcoming NFT projects and participate in many other contests. These will keep the community rewarded after the sale.

Besides being a pass to those above-mentioned benefits, Brian NFTs also have a high graphic quality. They can be used as your personal avatar or signature.

Holders will get benefits from the upcoming NFT sales.

Tokenization is the next stage for Brian NFT collection. Holders will have privileged access to the presale of the token in the future.

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