Aotuverse is the first anime-themed game with an existing 60+ million-person fan base to make the technology leap. Aotuverse is set to make waves in the blockchain gaming industry. Compete to win the “Aotu Tournament” and achieve divinity, contestants will have the opportunity to collect exclusive NFT Characters/in-game items and take advantage of advanced play-to-earn mechanics that reward skilled gameplay.

Set in the world of the Aotu Tournament, a life-or-death tournament where the final victor gets any wish granted. Aotuverse is a fast-paced mobile strategy RPG with multiplayer PVP and single-player PVE gameplay modes. Play Aotuverse’s PVP modes to discover deep storylines based on the hit anime. Battles take place on a chessboard where each of the squares represents a unique possible action. Do you have what it takes to execute a strategic master class and ascend to divinity?

King is an optimistic, fearless and loyal teen from the planet Dengru. Legend says it is God’s will that the people of Dengru are fated to suffer under an oppressive regime of hard labor and unjust taxes. To change Dengru’s fate, his sister, Q, entered the Aotu Tournament 3 years ago, but her whereabouts and safety remain a mystery. In search of Q and on a quest to save the people of his home planet, King embarked on a perilous journey to enter the Aotu Tournament.

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