AstroMiners Metaverse roadmap

AstroMiners is a unique collection of 8,888 stunning NFTs designed by top artists and powered by a team with over 30 years of combined experience in the Crypto-sphere.

The story behind the AstroMiners is an all too real future for our world, where materials become so scarce that humans are forced to seek out new sources off-world. 

AstroMiners are frontier heroes who travel through Way Gates across great distances to seek out new resources on alien worlds.

By percentage completion, our plan is as follows:

10% – Launch of the NFT collection of 8,888 AstroMiners.

20% – Giving back to the world. For every NFT sold, we will donate a water bund to help restore soil fertility and re-green the planet where it needs it most. 8,888 Water bunds – enough for more than 62km of land stretched end to end! We will continue to donate new water bunds for every sale on the secondary marketplace as well, continuing to give back over time.

30% – Creation of the $ASTRO token.

50% – Launch a staking platform for the NFT holders that will create value by rewarding $ASTRO tokens to holders. $ASTRO will have utility further down the roadmap in order to purchase land and items within the metaverse of AstroMiners.

70% – Release of planet shares to NFT holders. The surface of the planet will be divided into land ‘plots’, which entitles the NFT holders to receive $ASTRO tokens as a percentage of land plots sold.

80% – Launch of AstroMiners Marketplace and Meta-Shop where users will be able to buy in-Metaverse utilities such as land plots, tools vehicles, exclusives, and more. Users will also be able to access the Meta-Shop to buy AstroMiners merch such as hoodies, caps, mugs, and more.

90% – Launch of Beta version of the AstroMiners Metaverse.

100% – Launch of the full AstroMiners Metaverse where NFT holders will be able to explore new worlds and mine for precious minerals…

Mintdate is to be announced

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