Bang Bang Club

Bang Bang Club

The Bang Bang Club is not just an avatar project, it is a turn-based PvP game to bring together all the other different NFT collections onto one single platform, this means you can ‘log-in’ with a NFT you have already have and battle with that character. 


Minting of 10000 BBCards will start on 8th December 2021 : 9.00 UTC


Every BBCard has randomised set of types, classes, abilities and stats that will be used in PvP battles.

BBCards divided on three major classes such as Strength, Agility, Intuition.

Each BBCard has unique Ability that give additional bonus stats. There will be additional characteristics that are not hard set in BBCards such as Health, Mana, Critical Hit(double damage), Dodge(dodge any hit but critical).

Level of those additional stats will depend on base and additional BBCards stats.

BBCards have levels of rarity (Legendary > Elder > Grandmaster > Master > Adept > Expert > Bang Bang) and if your BBCard is from the a top rare level it will have higher stats and it will allow you easily win fights.

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