BirdPunkz is a group of 9969 beings inspired by the world of LarvaLabs and SuperGremplin that bridges the autonomy of separate cultures forming the first hybrid culture with a FU attitude that !vibes in the fabric of block and time. No roadmap, no utility, just !vibe

Inspired by LarvaLabs and Gremplin.

Royalties will be allocated to chosen charities.

This project is in the public domain. Feel free to use BirdPunkz in any way you want.

We will be donating a large portion of our sales and royalties to kids in Rwanda that we personally are in contact with. We have been working with these kids since Middle school and they currently are in College, we currently pay for their tuitions out of pocket.

At 100% Mint we plan on donating all royalties to Rwandan High Schoolers going to College.

We will use this to fuel our next project involving releasing 6 art pieces that are hand drawn by these Rwandan kids.

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