Bit Frenchie Society

Bit Frenchie Society

Algorithmically bred bulldogs, from hand-crafted pop culture elements.

MetaVerse / 3D NFT 3333 Collection
🚀🚀 Already in the works 🚀🚀

We will make Frenchies ready for MetaVerse / 3D. (We will leak some previews of this as we’ve secretly been working on this for a while)

3D Frenchie NFT will be airdropped to every Frenchie lover that is holding a 3 BFS NFT’s for free.

The rest of the fate of this project will be determined by YOU, the community! Together, we plan to make this an ultra strong, fun loving, community! Let’s kick some butt! 🐶

Finally, there is a lot being discussed about potential partnerships and future developments of the project. Our focus for the time being is having a super smooth launch and delivering on everything listed above. We don’t think it is fair to over hype things for now that aren’t set in stone.

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