ChainRacers is an upcoming play-to-earn NFT Race Battle Game. The GammaVerse, our growing MetaVerse featuring characters, land, race and battle arenas, dealerships and more, will kick things off with a pair of 8,888 unique generative NFT sets. Each set will include a NFT Racer and NFT Rider. Get behind the wheel and put the pedal to the metal of your ChainRacer. The war on wheels is about to begin, get ready to unleash Mayhem in the MetaVerse!!

We envision a rich ecosystem of players, spectators, advertisers, and investors that can come together and thrive in an action packed environment in the MetaVerse.

Again we are doing things differently. We are dropping 2 sets of 8,888 NFTS, paired together for generation 1, split between 2 chains, polygon and solana. We are powered by Stardust. We will use their cross-chain NFT bridge, to bring them together in the upcoming game, “Mayhem in the Metaverse”.

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