Crxxm NFTs are Ice Cream Themed NFT’s with a slew of cool details. They’re a unique project that’s starting as a full brand.

  • Custom designs – Not auto-generated
  • 2 in-house girl lead designers, + support graphics team
  • Collabs with over 20 up and coming 1/1 artists. Team is dedicated to providing support & awareness to upcoming artists, while providing crxxm some rare pieces and a wide mix of styles
  • All gen 1 pieces are ice cream cones
  • All contract dev, web dev, and graphic materials are in-house. Lead devs are hallows & cysco, and have been friends for years
  • CRXXM merch, physical collectibles, gear (starting with skate and household items), etc are coming along with sell-out and final reveals.
  • All NFT’s are mystery revealed with extended reveal batches. This allows our community to actually share, enjoy, get feedback, and communicate about the pieces they got, and be a part of the process.
  • Tokens are a stake in the brand and everything that CRXXM does, providing revenue generation as the brand grows.
  • All artworks are owned by the token holder, if any designs are utilized for the brand or for partnerships or whatever, additional revenue is generated for those token holders.
  • Mission statement is to share love, joy, and uplift others, and have a ton of fun while doing so.
  • Grass roots community without shilling. Planned creative awareness collabs with others who share the same intents along our path
  • Merch line will be high-end comfort. Devs have extensive experience in this area, along with building brands.
  • A simple fun NFT project, with a lot of benefits as we grow, the snowball has just recently started forming and is now on the roll.

Currently, have 2 sites operating: is the main site / is the minting site


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