CryptoBear Watch Club

CryptoBear Watch Club

Each artwork is hand-drawn with 450+ unique traits programmatically assigned, giving each piece a distinct identity and lending added value to the CryptoBear Watch Club community.

But this is where the similarities with other NFTs end. CryptoBear Watch Club will be giving away real high-end watches worth USD 1,000,000 during the mint. In addition, lucky NFT owners are airdropped exclusive Arkouda Utility Tokens that can be redeemed for real watches, every month.

All CryptoBear Watch Club NFTs are 3D ready. Owners will be airdropped the 3D files, enabling use of their avatars across the entire Metaverse as well as in our soon to be launched MMORPG game. All NFT owners also have access to the Club’s premium 6×6 Sandbox plot, right next to the central Atari hub.

The NFT ownership also doubles as club membership, unlocks exclusive perks and grants preferential access to high profile events that celebrate the spirited nature of the CryptoBear Watch Club Community. And yet, this is only the beginning of what is potentially a game-changer in the Metaverse.

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