Curious APE

Curious APE

The Curious Ape Street Club is unique and randomly generated 3D NFT PFP Furthermore, it could be used out of making coins Meet Curious Ape and Chill on the Street!

In the middle of a city shopping town, there was a underground secret lab. Though it seemed to be risky to hide under the crowed place, it was perfect to conceal the lab. The research team developed ‘Magic Drug’ which could be able to reorganize DNA structure of mammals and did various experiments on apes to make intelligent ones like human beings. However, they barely got results anticipated.

Unlike the thought of teams, apes were getting brain power. Though not being intelligent, at least, they were starting to think about reasons. Why they could eat only when the researcher fed them. Why they could play only if he wanted to. And why they couldn’t go out together when he leaved. It seemed that the only difference between he and they is wearing a piece of white cloth instead of fur… ‘Wait a second… White Cloth..?’

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