DAHS Metaverse Avatars

DAHS Metaverse Avatars

DAHS is a Solana based metaverse project focused on developing 3D video game characters created with metaverse compatible voxel technology — We are not selling JPEGs! The Dapper Ape High Society (DAHS) is designing avatars for the metaverse. Each one of the 5000 NFTs is a video game character that will soon be compatible in VR/AR settings. DAHS Build-An-Ape even allows you to customize your NFTs to fit any style!

Build-An-Ape will let holders mix and match attributes to gear up their ape and prepare them for battle. Apes will be able to modify the NFTs headgear, outfits, weapons and footwear! For the first time in NFT history, users will be able to design their own NFT through an entirely on chain process. Attributes can be bought, traded, and collected to let holders design their dream ape and drive up its value! Holders can collect rare items such as the King’s Sword, Wizard’s Staff, or the Cyber-Punk Ape’s Plasma Rifle during our monthly drops and combine it with DAHS NFTs they already possess. These attributes will be sold at affordable prices in monthly drops after our Stage #2 mint in March. 

DAHS has even partnered with Case Western Reserve University & the Sears think[box] to host DAHS Hackathon — the first ever international blockchain-NFT hackathon! To further our mission of supporting blockchain education and entrepreneurship, we are also the first NFT project to offer both scholarships and a business incubator fund through our iconic DAHS Tank.

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