Dorky Ducks

Dorky Ducks

DorkyDucks is 10,000 randomly generated and unique pieces of art, carefully designed and crafted by a couple of talented quacks from California.

Presale will be limited to 6,000 DorkyDucks, for max 2,000 Discord members (up to 3 per member). Up to 1,200 members will be whitelisted for the presale. To be whitelisted, all you need to do is achieve Level 2 (Lucky Ducky) status in our Discord, which you can do simply by hanging out and chatting with the community. To help keep gas prices lower, the presale will run for 2 full days, through Oct 29th at 5pm PDT.

During our public launch, anyone can mint as many DorkyDucks as they’d like, up to 5 per transaction.

Check our website, and join our Discord to see our roadmap, and for more info!

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