The Action Family ClubCard is a magically wild NFT collection that has the power to unlock your personal connection and participation with LeftHouse, LeftHouse NFT Collections, The Upland Action NFT News Show and the LEFTHouse Collective community.

The Action Family ClubCard is the key that opens the LeftHouse Rabbit Hole.  

Join us on an epic adventure, the likes of which has yet to be seen.

Pull back the curtain, and take your first step into a collective, by becoming an official Action Family ClubCard carrying Member.

The Action Family ClubCard will entitle you all the rewards, pleasures of being a member of the LeftHouse Action Family.

The initial release of the Action Family ClubCard Collection will consist of 1,111 individually tailored ClubCard Membership NFTs each released as mint #1 of 1(s) on the WAX Blockchain for the price of $30 dollars (Estimated at 85 WAX).

The ClubCard Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are inspired by the wacky world of the LeftHouse / Action Family.

Acquiring one (or more) of these ClubCard NFTs allows the holder to contribute to and own a piece of the LEFTHouse Community!

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