Elf Princess

Elf Princess

Imagine coming across a clearing, deep in the heart of a dense forest, populated with extraordinary beings. At first glance they appear to be human, but their features are superior to be that of mere mortals. These beings are equipped with magical powers and are ambivalent toward humans and other creatures, often offering a helping hand to those in need.These magical creatures are the Elves.

Elf Princess are the ones who rule the Elves. While elves outperform humans in terms of beauty, intelligence, and strength, Elf Princess surpasses nearly all others in terms of beauty, intelligence, and strength. Elf Princess value liberty, variety, and self-expression, they gravitate toward the more gentle aspects of chaos. They value and protect the freedoms of others as well as their own, and they are frequently good.

Elf Princesses are here to protect and rule the Metaverse and they are 10,000 in number. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on AWS. Each Elf Princess is a one-of-a-kind work of art created by renowned award-winning artist Tamanna Jain. These Elf princesses reward you with Elf tokens, which can be used to obtain 3D models of each Elf Princess.These 3D models of Elf Princesses will be utilised as avatars in the metaverse’s stores, games, and events.

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