Ether Tulips

Ether Tulips

We’re excited to officially announce the release of Gen 2021, the final generation of EtherTulips! Sales will open on Monday August 30th, 2021 at 8PM ET (8/31/21 0:00 UTC). At that time, Gen 2021 tulips will become available for purchase at Each tulip will be initially priced at 0.075 ETH, and the price will rise to 0.15 ETH after 72 hours for any unsold tulips. There will be a capped supply of 5094 Gen 2021 tulips.

Gen 2021 tulips will feature brand new designs, some of which pay homage to the wild journey of the NFT community and our peer NFTs that have sprung up since our launch 3 years ago. Check some of them out!

More details about the launch on our medium

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