Fashionable Ape Club

Fashionable Ape Club

Apes have to present themselves in luxury, especially on yachts. Made with the finest utility fabric. Not affiliated with bayc!

Welcome to the official Fashionable Ape Yacht Club space. This collection is based on Bored Ape Yacht Club derivatives, utilizing apes owned by myself. However, it’s important to note this collection is nowhere in any shape or form partnered with BAYC directly. That being said, I present to all you beautiful folks an extravagant and fashionable ape collection. A collection in which bored apes meet enthralling fashion.

But wait.. that’s not all. Have an ape you own that’s sitting in your wallet, living rent free? We can change that. Head over to the Model Your Ape tab. Soon ape holders will be allowed to submit an application in which they can receive a percentage of sales. Don’t have an ape? That’s fine too, our discord will regularly host giveaways of eth and popular NFT’s. Who knows? Perhaps an ape giveaway may be in the books?

Regardless, fashionable apes are open for anyone to purchase, no matter if you’re an ape holder or not. Oh, did I forget to mention? All holders will receive exclusive airdrops as well. Free of cost. Help yourself to check out the website for further information, stay flashy.

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