Fury of The Fur

Fury of The Fur

Like precious stones, UNCOND!T!ONAL LOVE is very rare to find. Yet, as unbreakable as the relationship between children and TEDDY BEARS may seem, as soon as children grow and get swept by all the things the world has to offer, the first thing to leave behind was always the teddy bear.

A silent REVOLUT!ON took the world, not by storm, but by a whisper—faintly heard and barely distinguishable. A revolution that united FURYTEDS in their quest toREUN!TE with their owners and RECLA!M their place in the human world WELL PAST CH!LDHOOD. However the children changed, the bears would change too. Angry, curious, artsy…Wherever in the physical or psychic worlds the children went, FuryTeds were going, too, and even beyond.

No human will ever outgrow a teddy bear again!

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