Galactic Octoborgz Solana Adventure

Galactic Octoborgz Solana Adventure

GOSA; is an NFT collection built using Solana Blockchain, consisting of 10,240 NFT’s as Genesis Collection. This Collection includes 5,120 Organics and 5,120 Robots.

Using a Breeding Mechanism, “The Cyborg Species” will be included in the GOSA ecosystem, initially consisting of 2 different species: Organics and Robots. The Cyborg Race, which will play a vital role in the future of the GOSA ecosystem, will consist of 2,090 NFT** assets in case all transformations occur.

You can get new generation Cyborg NFT’s, which are not included in
the GENESis collection and are available in limited numbers, by BREEDING
your Organic and Robot NFTs that you will have after the Mint process.

With the Breeding Method, apart from creating new NFT Assets with your Octoborgz, you can INCREASE the Tiers of your NFTs up to the Highest Tier.

**By acquiring these unique assets, GOSA NFT holders will be able to,

🪐Modernize your NFT with the breeding system
🪐Use NFTs as Genesis Hero Asset in the P2E GAME which is currently in the development phase.
🪐 Get passive income by sending NFT’s to missions in the game.
🪐 Have voting power and become an arbiter in a fair ecosystem.

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