God Hates A.I?

God Hates A.I?

Introducing the #GodHatesAI collection, a limited edition set of 3500 AI Brain NFTs available exclusively on OpenSea. Each AI Brain NFT is themed according to our human-centric district and is priced at 0.026ETH to the public, unlocking an unparalleled power within the metaverse.

By acquiring an AI Brain NFT, you gain access to an AI brain embedded within the Vault Hill ecosystem. This extraordinary technological marvel allows you to train and deploy digital beings in your Virtual Land, granting you godlike abilities within the digital domain.

But this power comes with a profound moral question: Are you overstepping your bounds by manipulating the metaverse to this extent, or is this the next step in our technological evolution, paving the way for a thrilling and engaging digital experience

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