Monk is the son of an alchemist. On his 13th birthday he sets off on an inner journey to find himself on the way to becoming a man. Along his odyssey, he discovers nightmares that challenge his strength. Using the knowledge of his people passed down through generations, he learns who he really is, but at great personal sacrifice.

This collection of 100 rare, hand drawn characters have unique original stories from the Grasspeople Graphic Novel Collection. A high res version of this artwork is the unlockable content.

“Linder’s impressive body of work just blew up with the release of NFT’s” ~ NFT Star

“Grasspeople is a full color dark fairy tale adventure like Zelda meets Lord of the Rings.” ~ Super Robot Mayhem

“Everything you see is beautiful and alive.” ~ Outside The Cube

“I stared at each page, soaking in every detail” ~ Amid The Imaginary

More info about the collection here.

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