Hailary Crypto Dollies Series 2

Hailary Crypto Dollies Series 2

I found a love of drawing when I was only 6 years old and my love of art continues to this very day! My styles range in many directions, but I have to admit that acrylic painting is my favorite. I enjoy painting flowers and landscapes.

One day while I was looking for a new direction, I decided on try one more style. The style I chose is actually a combination of clays and crystals such as the Swarovski crystals and I was thoroughly amazed at the end result. Due to the high demand, I started to sell my dollies and ship them worldwide.

My ETSY shop quickly grew to over 1500 sales during the last year and over 300 positive reviews.This year I decided to expand my Hailary metaverse and create my own NFT collection of Crypto Dollies.

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