IggyBoy by 1ATH.Studio

IggyBoy by 1ATH.Studio


1ATH.Studio produces a collection of 10,000 3D IggyBoy NFTs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each NFT is a unique piece of digital art manually created by 1ATH.Studio talented 3D designers. 1ATH.Studio will also issue 376 distinct animated NFTs that will be given away in promos, to influencers, and to promoters. 1ATH.Studio team doesn’t use auto-generated NFTs tools which increases the value of the uniquely “hand-crafted” IggyBoy collectibles.


IggyBoy NFT collectibles as a part of the upcoming metaverse (aka vUniversum), will perform as main characters. The holders of the IggyBoy NFTs will enjoy a simplified whitelisting procedure and get privileges while establishing the decentralized community of the upcoming metaverse. Ruling the metaverse is not an easy task, and the existing community members might take the leading positions in terms of land, joint ventures, and further activities.


Starting this year, shortly after the release of a few collections, the holders of the IggyBoy NFTs will get advantages and benefits in the upcoming gaming mass adoption projects with our gaming partners. All the existing and future partnerships will be announced on our social channels, including Discord.


1ATH.Studio will prepare a collection in the form of Symbiosis between the IggyBoy and IggyLady. The community would admire the Symbiosis NFT collection in terms of its theme and art. IggyBoy and IggyLady NFT holders will be able to form a couple and kind of breed a Symbiosis NFT for free. Each Symbiosis NFT will have the same advantages and benefits in upcoming corporations and the metaverse.

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