Los Muertos Diablo

Los Muertos Diablo

Los Muertos is more than your standard NFT project. By owning an NFT in the Los Muertos collection, you become a Muerto. Los Muertos World is built to serve its members. We are a highly experienced team with wildly ambitious goals. We are upcoming digital artists, we are web3 nerds, we are community builders. We are Muerto!

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining hundreds of unique hand-drawn traits across different trait categories. There are only 12 legendary NFTs available throughout the entire collection.

1. When you purchase an NFT from the Los Muertos Collection, you own the NFT and the art associated with your NFT in full. Your ownership is verifiable on the Ethereum Network and we will never make any attempts to alter or remove your ownership rights. 2. Subject to ownership, you are granted a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and animate your NFT for both personal and commercial use. These terms are limited to NFTs that a holder owns. Ownership is verified cryptographically by the Ethereum Network.

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