Well, you’ve managed to buy the dip once again…Well at least that’s what you thought you were buying. Now you’re 69% down and wondering what to do or who to turn to.

That’s where we come in, don’t worry degen fren, we’ll give you somewhere to take your mind off of things and let you say “The ice cream machine is degen” whenever you want.

Welcome to McCryptos…and you’re a McWorker…

It’s time to get back on that 9-5 grind, put on your uniform and we’re here to help out!

We have 5000 workers (with some 1 of 1 custom designs), but unfortunately, we don’t know who you’ll get as your McCrypto worker is selected at random!


Whilst our roadmap is simple we want to make sure we don’t overpromise. Our aim more than anything is to build an amazing community full of people who are okay with making degen mistakes and we’re here to help each other out.

10% sold – 5E put aside for marketing blitz

25% sold (or 2000 Twitter followers) – Discord Creation (for all your degen chats)

50% sold – Worldwide Web Metaverse integration request

70% sold – 5E McCrypto worker value giveaway

80% sold – McCrypto merchandise released (samples coming soon)

100% sold – SELL OUT PARTY + 10E value giveaway

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