It is our belief that public goods, which constitute essential infrastructure that we all benefit from, are not adequately supported by the community. This changes with MergeApes. 42.0% of all revenue generated will be allocated towards public goods funding through the Gitcoin Grants program.

Our goal is to enable Web3 natives and newbies alike to be a part of the most anticipated event in crypto history! Minting a MergeApe NFT serves as immutable proof, forever stored on the blockchain, that YOU were here. Join us on Merge Day for the mint; own a piece of history to show the grandkids!

MergeApes will be minted on the birthday of the Proof of Stake chain, marking the beginning of a new era. Through a vibrant community built on Web3 values and CC0 art, we will forever stand to commemorate this massive leap forward for web3, for our climate, and for the internet itself.

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