MW Criminalz

MW Criminalz

6,666 Uniquely Generated Criminalz Collectible NFT’s on Solana

RoadMap 1.0:

1. NFT Launch & Reward Distribution (Phase 1)

Creation of the MW Criminalz Art and big marketing push to spread awareness, increase demand and thus raise floor price post-mint. Our minting process will be divided into 4 steps (learn more about our minting process in the channel ⛏│mint-process).
As you may or may not know, all the 12 lucky owners of the MW Criminalz will share a $75k-100k prize pool, they’ll get daily rewards from day 1 to day 30 post-mint. ($5k guaranteed to each).
We also have a $50k-75k prize pool that we’ll share with members of our community. (We allocated a % of the royalties to be added to the prize pool / we will take a vote on how we will distribute it).

2. Growing Community & Building our Brand (Phase 2)

We’ll relentlessly continue growing the MW Community and get more attention while we start building to make our brand as valuable as possible:
Collaborations and partnerships with reputable projects discussed (offering benefits to our community) & renowned artists to create legendary MW Criminalz 👀.
We’ll get the community involved through a democratic DAO (1 NFT = 1 Vote)
50% of royalties will be added to the DAO funds, funds led by the MW Community. (eg: floor sweep, buyback).
While we start hiring devs (currently 2 on our team) for our P2E Game, we’ll be launching a streetwear brand (already working on it 🤫) aiming to be amongst the top streetwear brands worldwide (and we’ll get our most loyal holders as investors so they can benefit from our growth).

3. P2E NFT Game (Phase 3)

P2E Game & Token release.
We’ll be releasing a Play 2 Earn Game by the end of 2022 (not a crappy little game like all other nft projects promise and (not always) do). Our token will be the main currency in our game (= means) its value will be related to the volume and players our game will have.

We wanted to emphasize the importance of our community! This roadmap will potentially change and is suggestive to modifications, depending on what our community will desire and decide.
This version is only a representation of our ideas and plan at the moment. All changes will be discussed & voted upon by the community within, to offer the best solutions.
Our Roadmap will constantly be updated with new ideas from our Community.

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