Have VIP Access to Behind-The-Scenes Production and Share Revenue with Neo Film Studios

I was sitting in a meeting with several film execs. “We like the story, but you’re a no-name… How about we buy the script off of you and we’ll get one of our top directors for it.” I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing. They honestly believed that someone else could make a film that I had lived and breathed for over 2 years better than I could!

That’s where it all began. I knew that I was good and I knew that I had what it takes, and they did too, but the only reason they didn’t want to have me direct it was because my name wasn’t bankable yet. So many of us have what it takes but then some big-wig or corporate juggernaut is standing in the way of our destiny. Would I roll over, take the money, and crawl back in my hole, or would I find another way
to take action on my vision and bring it to life?

The Film Industry is broken and it’s time for us to fix it! I connected with friends I have in the industry like Topher Hall, Lilton Stewart III, Jack Snyder, Kevin Caliber and decided that combined with the knowledge and family I had in the crypto world, we could create a film studio that would not only bring our visions to life, without the red tape of bureaucracy, but the power would be in the hands of the people.

A Web 3 film studio. For the people, by the people.

Neo Film NFTs will let holders participate in our filmmaking, with a one-of-a-kind VIP pass and a share in the revenue from our creations. On top of all of that, the Neo Film community will have a say in what
actors we use and other Production level stuff that even if “you’re a no one,” you’ll have a voice and be someone.

Neo Films is about your story too. All of us united is greater than a few gatekeepers. Let’s start a revolution!

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