Nostalgic Apes

Nostalgic Apes

Collection of 10,000 Nostalgic Apes, created on the Ethereum Blockchain, is unique and randomly generated from 202 traits, some of them are exclusive and rare than rarer

Each figure has unique utility usage and is designed that way to provide exclusive access and rewards to its holder according to rarity. As much unique your figure is, as many benefits you can gain in Nostalgic Apes Cassette club.

When the local club goes down, one would expect the drunks and the junks to call it a bad day and wait until it opens — but they aren’t here anymore. Where did they go? In a dark place filled with flashing lights, public tubs, and parties, that’s where. Not to forget the drinks, too! Most of its clients are disordered, confused, wear clothes the wrong way, and some even lost body parts. The diverse range of individuals inside its membership program allow for a better arrangement of community-driven events without cause for judgement. While being a member of the Nostalgic Apes Cassette Club already entails benefits in itself, participating in community challenges and events grants you more perks as well, all while having fun. The Window Plaza is a secret area in the club that can overlook everything, from top to bottom, without any corners or blind spots missed. Peace and order are still maintained inside the club, but who is it that stands atop?

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