The Ocean Stars are formed by 6 kinds of marine animals (Seal, Shark, Polar Beard, Octopus and Penguin). There will be 10,000 released at Launch in total. You may also find some extraordinary and rare stuffs.

Why did we create this NFT project? First of all, there should be a more-exclusive community/club for the artists who are interested in blockchain, then we are coming! Also, we really worried about the deterioration of the Marine environment, so all the Stars and our staffs will help the OCEANA (NGO) to protect marine animals. We will donate 20 eth to the OCEANA at the end.

Balloon Booming Plan: Collecting 6 different animals to make it combo will give you ONE golden ticket. OceanStars official will purchase golden ticket at 0.4 ETH on opensea. Also you can’t miss out those balloons! One balloon can maximize the price of golden tickets to 1.25 times(maximum 10 times).

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