Oki’s World Drop – Chapter 1/Gen 1 NFT

Oki’s World Drop – Chapter 1/Gen 1 NFT

Project Overview:

Oki’s World is the journey of a boy reaching the singularity that merges the physical and ethereal realms through generative NFTs, murals, music and community. Holders get access to create, vote and earn from how they expand the story.

We’re using Oki’s World to encourage mindfulness and self awareness as the story parallels a similar story arch to Siddhartha.

Our Billboard in LA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LKP4218Isc

3 Things That Make Us Different:

1) With Oki’s World, we’re creating a universe through NFTs, murals, animation, music, and beyond. Also, we give you commercial rights to your Oki upon mint so you can expand on the universe. We’re pushing the capacity of creation in the modern age and setting the stage for your creation and earning potential.

2) We’re opening up our web 3 creator tools, smart contracts, design assets, sprite packs, music and pretty much every other element for our community to be able to expand the story line through NFTs. Anything created by the community is owned by the creator and they keep 100% of primary mint sales and 4% of secondary sales.

3) We’re focused on creating long term value and positive change within the NFT space so we are creating Super Okis which give 100% of the secondary royalty (minus the marketplace fee) is donated to charities in perpetuity. Please see 888 Super Oki Below! – This is minted by you and listed on secondary as you please.

Example of music by Peach Neon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A3kGSAV_Z8
And animations by Julia Liu (Attached)

Latest Animation: https://youtu.be/6oCto8ljdA4

Chapter 1 Teaser Narration by Sameer Gadhia (Young the Giant) – https://youtu.be/7_FCB72uR_o

Charitable Component:
* Metagood – https://www.metagood.com/
* Black Santa – https://www.blacksanta.com/ – Baron Davis
* Life is Beautiful – UBI for artists

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