The gods of the metaverse saw the injustice that was happening. Penguins are weak, and apes took over. It was time to summon the X tribe to restore the balance and bring the throne of the metaverse to the frozen lands.

With one of the highest quality 3D art available on the market, more than 500 traits and the utilities offered to the community such as royalties giveback,1155 Ethereum contract to guarantee more than 80% fewer gas fees paid while minting, community lounge, and direct contact with the founders it won’t be difficult for the X tribe and their community to take the throne and freeze the metaverse

PengX is a tribe of 3000 exclusive NFTS and more than 500 traits, so naturally, people were asking us why not create 5000 or 7000 NFTs as most projects do we explain that our goal was never to create as many NFTs as possible what we want is for each PengX to be uniquely crafted and utterly different with special traits and great attention to each detail, the only thing in common is that they are all made out of the best materials and art possible

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