Pigeon Doods

Pigeon Doods

0% – The journey begins! Pigeon Doods official Discord and Website go live! Marketing in full effect! The Pigeon Doods team will work together to build our community via collabs with other NFT projects, various Twitter giveaways, and much more!

25% – Pigeon Doods mint goes live! Be quick! These Doods will be first come first serve with only 500 available. To celebrate our mint day we will be hosting an AMA on twitter and will do multiple live giveaways and play some games with the community!

75% – All 500 Pigeon Doods have been minted and are in the hands of loving owners! Baby Pigeon Doods mint goes live for all Pigeon Dood holders! 100% – All Doods have been minted! 25% of all funds + royalties are moved to a community wallet which will be used to reward holders! Post mint AMA will be happening with more live giveaways and games!

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