Pizza Puffers

Pizza Puffers

What are Pizza Puffers? The Pizza Puffers project is a niche digitally native and socially immersive NFT brand that seeks to express its brand identity and values to unlock previously unimaginable opportunities for brands that we will strive to integrate within the Pizza Puffer network. In turn, form mutually beneficial relationships for our community centered around good wholesome family oriented fun for all. The Pizza Puffers art collection consists of 5,555 NFTs that have been meticulously hand drawn over the past 2-3 months by our female artist Camille.

Why are we unique and where did we draw inspiration from? Our inspiration has come from Camille, who is a “traditional” artist with over 20 years of experience. Since NFTs began gaining mainstream prominence, Camille realized the potential and has sought to bring into the NFT world more artists like her and believes she can be a bridge to communicate through her unique and passion filled artwork. Camille’s created artwork for numerous projects over the years such as children’s books, puzzles and cartoons. Her undying attention to detail and creativity has allowed her to create what we believe is a very unique NFT collection that we don’t think this space has seen before.
– Partnerships with Pizza restaurants globally
– Merch store ( Ingredients/Clothing)
– Childrens book
– 100 Hand signed posters for the top 100 rare holders

Info We have two different structures of WL and are rewarding our community members with both. We are offering 500 Free mints to both OG WL / Whitelisted members.
OG WL = .055 ( 2 per )
WL= .066 (2 per )
Public= .077 ( max 9 per TX )
Mint day: March 24th , 11AM EST/4PM UTC

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