Polar Pals

Polar Pals

10,000 NFT 3D Polar Bears playable in our NFT Bobsled racing game. 10% donated to save the Polar Bears.

After centuries of hibernation, 10,000 3D animated, programmatically generated NFT Polar Pals will awaken ready to hit the bobsledding slopes again.

An NFT Play-To-Earn Racing Game Like The World Has Never Seen

We are building a complete 3D bobsledding game where you can compete in epic races with your Polar Pals against the rest of the community using play-to-earn functionality.

There are 4 main traits that contribute to a pals’ success in a race. Each Polar Pal will have a percentage stat from 0-100% indicating their level. Pals from each region have one specialty trait that has a minimum level of 40%.

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