Ralph’s Country Club

Ralph’s Country Club

Ralph’s Country Club is the world’s first to provide a blockchain-based sports sponsorship platform. Utilizing the power of Web3, social media and global sports coverage – the reach of the RCC brand will stretch far beyond early adopters and deep into the metaverse. Long-term partnerships and ongoing promotion deals are already in place for launch – backed by an experienced team of social media and sports philanthropists.

25% of the supply will be allocated to whitelist members. These members will have guaranteed spots to mint their Ralphs at a discounted price prior to public release, avoiding the rush and minimizing gas fees. In addition to this, they will have access to discounted personalized Ralph merchandise, special whitelist giveaways, increased voting rights for our upcoming DAO, and more! See our discord for more information.

Ralph’s impact on the sporting metaverse will reach far and wide, involving sporting superstars, marketing agencies, and influencers alike. Our investors aren’t just holders; they’re members committed to a common vision. Giveaways, personalized NFT merchandise, and event tickets are just the start for the lucky RCC Members.

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