A unique collection of 6900 embryos, on the basis of which we create and expand our community to build a web 3.0 platform that combines all the products from our roadmap.

After 1 month = the second free drop of SEX Hero characters for all holders of at least 1 pair of sex nft, on the basis of which we will build all our future platform products

For holders of the NFT project – we open access to a private club on the topic of sexual education and exchange of experience.

For every 25% of the collection’s sales, we will publicly send ~10% of all cap to charity, and we will decide who exactly we will help together with our community through an open offer and vote.

According to the sales of the project, we plan to launch in 2022: a series of interactive comics, a p2e game for nft hybridization and generating new nft characters, and a step-by-step creation of sex nft metaverse together with the community and partners.


Our unique foundation is education (current knowledge and practices) on the topic of sex. We attract recognized experts in various areas in this niche to our club. We want to build the best educational product based on the NFT collection. 


We don”t release NSFW and 18+ content.

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