Shiba Diba Doo Hybrids

Shiba Diba Doo Hybrids

9999 Shiba Diba Doo Hybrids (SDD Hybrids) were chosen to save the world from the aliens who are causing Anti-gravity on planet Earth.

SDD Hybrids were Programatically generated with Millions of different possible combinations. Yet only 9999 will ever exist.

The SDD Hybrids were put onto the Ethereum Blockchain to Evolve and Transform with the different traits.

They need a human companion to train them on using their super powers and abilities to bring back Gravity to the planet Earth from the Aliens.

The SDD Hybrids are Rebellious but are loyal to their companion.

All the Owners of the SDD hybrids can form a community to coordinate as a team to defeat the Aliens.

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