The Diablo Collection

The Diablo Collection

The Diablo Collection, releasing our Diablos (Hannya masks) NFT.

Originating in Japanese theatres, a Hannya mask represents a very jealous female demon.

Supply: 666 available in total.

We chose a small supply as we wanted to build an exclusive project focused on the community within. Every voice will be heard, and you will always have a say in the outcome of the project. We take pride in putting you first.

Oh… and how could it be anything other than 666?

When mint?

  • WL mint date: Friday, March 18, 2022, 8 p.m. UTC (200 spaces, maximum of two transactions per wallet).
  • The public mint date is Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 8 p.m. UTC (there is no transaction limit).

How much will each Diablo cost?

  • WL price: 0.04 ETH (plus gas)
  • Public price: 0.0666 ETH (plus gas)


When you buy a Diablo, you will have the option to stake it. Each Diablo staked will accrue 10 $DEMON tokens per day.

What is a $DEMON token?

$DEMON is a utility token which will play a key part in the Diablo collection and will have a multitude of use cases as our project grows, from raffle entries, exclusive merchandise, alpha access and spawning (minting) of other Diablo Collection NFTs, starting with your very own companion: Hellhounds

Please note: 1 $DEMON = 1 $DEMON – it currently holds no real world value and is our project utility token only.

Drop into our Discord and become part of the community-driven collection!

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