The Mask Society NFTs

The Mask Society NFTs

A Secret Society Is Launching Its Own NFT Project and You’re Not Going To Want To Miss Out!

The NFT industry is booming and The Mask Society has just announced a collection of 4447 NFTs in an entirely new style. The minted NFTs will be Common, Rare, Super rare, and one of kind categories.

The Mask Society embodies the power of self-empowerment and action. They reveal themselves in MetaVerse with boldness, to take on today’s world where anything seems possible if only you have enough courage or money for it! “We are the Mask Society! We empower you with our new identity to take action in this metaverse.”

  • The Metaverse needs leaders with imagination to build the future. The OGs will start defining the shape and utility for The Mask Society DAO. All we can say for now is that we’re looking forward to changing or creating new rules for the game so make sure not to miss out!
  • As a utility extension of our DAO, the Marketplace will enable the Mask holders to create bridges with Web 3.0 and the physical world.

The mint will start on December 18th at 4:00 PM UTC while the reveal event will be held on December 24th – just in time for Christmas!

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