TiptoePunks are a interlinked collection of 10,000 pixel toe punks collectibles. Interlinked, as every TiptoePunk minted in our drop will be linked to 4 other TiptoePunk compatriots. Acquire all 5 linked TiptoePunks and receive a super rare FootPunk.

TiptoePunks yield 5 $TOEKENs per day and FootPunks yield 75 $TOEKENS per day. $TOEKEN is our project utility token. It can be swapped for ETH on SushiSwap or used for various utilities, such as buying ‘Nail Varnish’ to create a 3D version of your 2D TiptoePunk.

This is a unique project as the value isn’t just determined by rarity attributes. Unlike other projects, all NFTs have significant value given they all individually make up an interlinked Big 5 collection. The mechanic is similar to that in the board game Monopoly, in that you need to acquire all linked properties in order to unlock greater value (building Hotels etc).

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