Volcom Metaboards

Volcom Metaboards

Stoneland is Volcom’s metaverse experience from those committed to embracing the strange. Collect unique character and skateboard NFTS. Experience a full Volcom branded virtual metaverse with a built-out store and skate park. Grab your avatar and shred in the skate park!

The best place to get started and involved with Stoneland is to join our Discord server. There we will have frequent updates, live calls, share important links, and everything else Stoneland.

Volcom Stoneys are the first generation of NFTs put out by Volcom as a part of their Stoneland metaverse. Stoneland is a Metaversical Wonderworld of skate, community happenings, surreal creatures, NFTs, and exclusive member drops. Volcom Stoneys live on the Polygon blockchain.

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