We Are Satoshis

We Are Satoshis

Inspired by the famous “We are all Satoshi” quote, We Are Satoshis is a different kind of NFT collection, dedicated to all the rebels and freedom fighters who believe Crypto Is Freedom.

We Are Satoshis is an NFT collection with a huge potential to expand to markets outside of NFT space, and bring additional value for the owners. Fueled by innovation, the collection includes never-before-seen features such as Family Photos and NFT Resurrection Lifecycle.

The owners of We Are Satoshis NFTs are eligible for utility token airdrops, free Satoshi-Companion NFT drop, free Satoshi-Nemesis NFT drop, free hoodie, and posters.

We are proud of our organic growth and over 3000 members in our community, spam and shill free!

People who mint will get:

1. Unique We Are Satoshis NFT
2. Limited edition We Are Satoshis hoodie
3. Limited edition We Are Satoshis poster
4. Unlimited number of family photo NFTs
5. One unique companion NFT
6. One unique arch-enemy NFT
7. PFP maker
8. Wallpapers
9. Utility tokens for resurrecting Satoshis
10. A vote in making decisions on community’s charitable activities

Our timeline/roadmap:

– [DONE] Produce artwork (July-/)
– [DONE] Build tech (July — /)
– Gather the community (October — /)
– Form the whitelist (October)
– Initial mint, pre-sale (November)
– Rarity rankings published on Rarity.tools and other websites.
– Hoodies & Posters delivery (December)
– Charitable donations to the causes voted by the community (December)
– Family photo feature (January 2022)
– Utility token: airdrop & claiming (February/March 2022)
– Satoshis heaven / Ressurection (March/April 2022)
– Merch (Q2 2022)
– Satoshi companion NFT drop (June 2022)
– Anti-Satoshi NFT drop (August 2022)

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