X07 Kiddos

X07 Kiddos

From the NFT collection to metaverse avatars to real-world items and cartoons available to children worldwide. We want to introduce the metaverse to the world and show its advantages.

We plan to allocate NFT avatars into cartoons, comics and manufacture real-life items such as toys or edibles. Imagine watching your favorite NFT character in our cartoon, imagine millions of children watching your NFT character, wanting a shirt or a toy, playing a game, or even eating candy featuring X07 Kiddos character.

X07 Kiddos will become a world-recognized company. Our goal is to reach millions of children all around the world. We want kids to learn and be entertained. We will put the main focus on creating entertaining cartoons and games. If your kids are spending time watching inappropriate cartoons, it’s time to show them X07 Kiddos and teach them about the internet or how robots are built.

100% NFTs equal 30% company shares. By obtaining the NFT you accept our ToS to advertise the project based on your wish, need, and skills. No hassle or requirements, you are getting paid just for owning the NFT.

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