8 Ethereum Club

8 Ethereum Club

8 Ethereum Club provides an immersive experience of metaverse with Web3 technologies where you can play Billiard Game and earn passive income on the Ethereum Blockchain via tournaments simultaneously.

8 Ethereum Club P2E Billiards Dapp based on Defi System. A unique collection of 8,192 NFTs manually rendered by 3D traits living on ethereum blockchain with erc-721 token.

Every story begins with something. We have different characters with balls head. Each character is based on billiards, but they’re so much more than that. And every individual NFT will reflect that. And more….just wait…

The billiards Dapp provides an opportunity for fun, impeccable metaverse experience, and 30% passive income by buying NFT. Defi system and web3 technologies are the future of games & this new Dapp will allow users to participate in 8 ball pool tournaments to get exclusive rewards. In other words, NFT holders in this Dapp Game will also be the company’s shareholders. Every NFT holder will have a unique Meta character. We aim to promote NFT and decentralized payment systems, especially by bringing web 2.0 players to web 3.0 through a tournament. Lastly, yet importantly, 8EC also allows lifetime access to the discord community to make it the future.

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