The project aims to foster an interest in reading books and breathe new life into masterpieces of world literature. Having picked the most prolific and widely read writers, we aspire to create a significant collection of NFTs based on their quotes. What is fascinating about it is that each month will be dedicated to one author and represented by their most popular works. The information about each writer is displayed on the website of the project. In addition, if users decide to subscribe, we will keep them informed about the next authors via email. is mainly designed for book lovers and simply those, who appreciate modern art alongside innovative technology and want to keep up with the times. Everyone who is interested in contributing to the project has a chance to benefit from their NFTs in the long run.

The main features of the project include:

1. NFTs and short stories generation with the help of artificial intelligence

2. host on IPFS

3. use of AR (augmented reality) to create images for publishing a book of short stories

4. books printing and delivery to their owners

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