Apex Wolf Pack is a collection of 6000 unique generated wolves on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our goal is to create a community-driven space where all are welcomed and appreciated. Apex Wolf Pack will be more than just an NFT. We plan to thrive in and outside the NFT space. As a part of the Wolf Pack, you will feel safe, heard, and cared for.

Without our community there is no pack. Our main focus was always to create a strong organic community that we’re able to provide incredible value while establishing and building a unforgettable brand together. No wolf gets left behind. Our pack will always come first. Everyone has a story we want to hear yours and for you to be apart of ours!

Owning a Apex Wolf NFT you gain exclusive access to our roadmap. Becoming apart of the pack you will have a supportive family/community that will always be there for you. We have so many amazing things planned for our holders. We welcome you to help unlock the mystieries of Apex Wolf Pack! Join our adventure of a brand new story with phoneminal art and exciting lore! Lycania awaits you

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