Avatar Wars Mystery Box

Avatar Wars Mystery Box

Avatar Wars is a blockchain-based 3D role-playing game with the theme of interstellar combat. The game perfectly combines the concepts of blockchain NFT and Defi, enabling players to easily gain income while playing the game.

In the Avatar wars, Avatars not only serve as the in-game NFT, but the exquisite social profile pictures that players can use in other places. There are 8 sets of delicately designed Avatars cited into 4 different rarities (N/R/SR/SSR) in the game. Each Avatar is unique and worthy of being collected. By holding SSR Avatars, players will be rewarded with Lands in the fourth game, as well as other perks will be provided, like airdrops.

Well-designed battle levels and high-quality 3D animation will never make you feel disappointed. Join and fight with us in Avatar Wars!


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