Bawk NFT

Bawk NFT

At Bawk Labs, we aim to tell our story with the community in the driving seat. That’s why we will be 100% open source, 0% royalties, all wrapped up with CC0 copyright licensing.

To help the community build in our universe we will be uploading all of our source code and trait image layers to encourage people to build derivatives and develop on top of the project. This will give the community the rights and tools to develop in our ecosystem.

Every BAWK holder will be given exclusive access to The Incubator. This will be a hub of creation, where we all work together to build upon the project. Every official derivative project built in the BAWK ecosystem will be promoted by us and will also give BAWK holders exclusive access as a priority.

Now help us track these pesky aliens down! And be part of the BAWK story!

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