Cat Fight

Cat Fight

An Exclusive 9000 NFT’s. Cat Fight is a Play to Earn 3D fighting game built on Unreal Engine 5, where you’ll be able to play, gain experience and earn $ using the game’s own crypto token $CATFIGHT. P2E, Play to Earn, Play and Earn

You find yourself alone on the shores of a deserted island, outcast from society and left to survive. A punishment fit for the most dangerous criminals committing horrible crimes. You’ll need to survive by building shelter, gather food and fight hand-to-hand combats, in order to return home in glory. Keeping your shelter safe is a necessity, for there are cat fighters lurking for blood all over the island! Explore the island by finding mystery boxes filled with unique gear and tools but be careful and watch your step—for there’ll be more than one surprise inside!

CAT FIGHT is a blockchain-based gaming platform with a focus on creating a space where users can play, share, socialize and trade in-game in a safe environment. We believe the only way to grow the blockchain gaming market is to create a place where players can play together and earn cryptocurrency for their efforts. Our goal is to create a platform where players will be rewarded for playing games, even if they don’t win.

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