THE LEAD-UP Cathereums are born. Our Leader The Cathereum God , develops and shapes the Cathereum branding, art style, and generative NFT attributes. Our community builds into a nation of unstoppable Cart Warriors ready to recover the jungle. Giveaways, contests and competitions secure whitelist spots, free NFTs, and OG roles to founding cats.

An all-out offensive to expand our jungle begins. Cathereum utilizesthe powet of the community, and other effective grassroots marketing tactics to invade social platforms such as IG and Twitter. Supply drops are sent out to key allies. Remember, friends of Cathereum are friends of the jungle and will help us complete our mission.

THE CATHEREUMS RISE TO POWER 9,999 Caths are issued for mint in the form of ERC-721 tokens courtesy of the jungle treasury. Founding cats and allies of the jungle are granted priority access to the jungle. The first 200 holders gain access to receive an exclusive collectible supply drop. Allocation of funding and tiered goals are outlined in our mint roadmap.

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